Based on the critically acclaimed ‘Armor of Light’ series of books!

A timeless legend reborn…a completely refreshing take on one of the most beloved tales in the post-Arthurian world.

King Arthur is dead. His death has resulted in chaos once again engulfing Bretunia. Queen Morgana is determined to wrest the kingdom from the reigning monarch and has marshaled the Dragonarmies to devastate the land. Without Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table, the Dark Queen’s minions are unstoppable.

The destiny of Camelot rests with a mismatched band of adventurers – an apprentice wizard, a galanic-healer, a mage-knight of Makidos and the heir apparent, Knight Aubriet. The fabled Armor of Light holds the key to restoring the balance of power. Will Castle Camelot crumble under the might of Queen Morgana, or is deliverance at hand?

Created and Written by Thomas Lim.

1-1 4

“First-ever Fantasy Fiction… a culmination of Thomas’ five-year fascination with King Arthur.”
– Armour Times

“A refreshing and entertaining take on storytelling without taking itself over seriously. Would like to see more of this role-playing adventure read.”
– J S Tan, Game Developer

“Breathtaking – a fresh new adventure hit for the new generation.”
– Jason Yap – Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

“Without question the most popular English fiction on Shanda’s portal.”
– Shanda Literature

“Conflict of interest between friendship and the dream…”
– RZ, New Media Entrepreneur