“Walk-In was the best damn debut and the best damn inaugural issue to a comic I’d read in years. I’m excited about this book. If you read it, I guarantee that you will be too.” 


“There’s a lot of potential in this book (7 Brothers), especially with the brothers hailing from all over the world, that could make this the hard-core, uncompromising flipside to NBC’s Heroes.”  



“Tackling stimulating subjects like mass extinction and resource wars, Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is a cerebral sci-fi experiment that’s far more ambitious than it sounds.”                                                                  



                                                “(Gamekeeper) is a book with a solid concept. A solid story. And rock solid artwork.”


Future stories are usually pretty cool, and this concept of privacy being essential to individualism will be an interesting topic to explore.  Nowhere Man #1 is certainly worth a look. RATING:  


Dead Soldier shows you the life of the former soldier once he has embraced his demonicness.” 
(Story Rating 5/5; Art Rating 5/5)