Created by acclaimed filmmaker Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3 & U-571)

4From the visionary director of Terminator 3, we enter the world of The Megas. Beautiful. Powerful. Better. They’re everything you’ve ever wanted to be. But at the heart of this dystopic society lies a regime struggling for control over a populace that may just be tired of being inferior. Agent Jack Madison finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom as he struggles to solve a crime and come to terms with a truth he’s not ready to face. Not to mention a mysterious symbol and the seeds of rebellion. Created by Jonathan Mostow; Written by John Harrison, with artwork by Peter Rubin and Sunil Nair.

“The Megas is a book that anyone can enjoy. If you are tired of the spandex set, or are just in the mood for a good mystery, then I suggest picking up a copy from your local comic shop.” 
– Broken Frontier

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“The only time I really get into political thrillers is when they are written very well, with a plot and characters I can relate to, and an art direction style that is engaging. The Megas has all this and more…(4 out of 5 stars)” 

“Jonathan Mostow and John Harrison’s script has a great balance of talking heads and exposition with motion and excitement. A love scene, a chase scene and a steady escalation of things into almost Tom Clancy-esque levels.” 
– Comic Book Resources