Director of this summer’s ‘Conan The Barbarian’ film announces new graphic novel series

NEW YORK, NY— August 19, 2011 – Marcus Nispel, the director of this weekend’s new “Conan the Barbarian” film and the previous remakes of “Friday the 13th” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” announced today he will be launching a new comic book series entitled, “The Chosen,” with Liquid Comics.


I like movies that turn into graphic novels and graphic novels that turn into movies. Everything I direct starts with illustrations…the pictures tell the story. Liquid makes movies on paper!” commented Nispel.


The Chosen is a high-octane action thriller about a Detroit kid, the least likely candidate to be the latest reincarnation of an Eastern spiritual master whose tradition goes back for generations. Despite all outward contradictions, the teen’s powers – refined over centuries worth of incarnations – start to manifest in him and propel him onto a journey that starts in the Urban grit of Detroit’s 8 Mile and take him all the way to the even grittier underground gangland of Mumbai.


The graphic novel story was created by Nispel and Liquid Co-Founders, Gotham Chopra and Sharad Devarajan and is based on an original film treatment Nispel has been developing to direct.


Marcus’ vision of a muscled up Kung Fu has been something I’ve loved since the moment he first told me the story. The Master-Apprentice narrative from King Arthur to John Connor is a formula that works and with Marcus onboard something wildly creative is emerging,” commented series editor, Chopra.


Liquid will launch an initial three-issue comic book series starting in February 2012 in print and digital formats for the iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.


Marcus is one of the most creative and dynamic filmmakers in entertainment today. We are thrilled to help make his vision for ‘The Chosen’ a reality and work with him to bring the story beyond the printed page and onto the big screen,” added Liquid’s CEO, Devarajan.

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