Created by acclaimed musician Dave Stewart (Co-Founder of the Eurythmics)

“A Ghoulishly Good Time” raves the NEW YORK POST-MORTEM

Known for his visionary work in the recording studio and his creative entrepreneurship, Euyrthmics co-founder Dave Stewart is shaking up the world of comics with ZOMBIE BROADWAY, the outrageous horror-comedy-musical graphic novel.


They say that New Yorkers have seen everything. But that was before New York City was hit by a zombie infestation, destroying the city, and killing most of its inhabitants. Now the President and all his men have to solve this zombie problem before it hits the rest of the country. Dropping a bomb on the city seems like the only solution, until the mayor of New York comes up with a last ditch effort: put on a Zombie Broadway! Crazy? Well, not completely. Seems like zombies aren’t so different from other
New Yorkers. After all, they appreciate the theater. In fact, music seems to be one of the few things that can tame the flesh-eating undead beings. And what better place than New York City to put on the show of a lifetime? Just keep your fingers crossed that the audience isn’t eaten during the performance… Created by David Stewart, David Harris, Christine Schenley, and illustrated by Daveki Neogi.