STRANDED_GALLERY_04An original graphic novel created with the Syfy Channel (Eureka, Battlestar Galactica)

What if your entire life – your childhood, your family, your memories – was a lie? THE STRANDED features a group of seemingly ordinary people that must face the terrifying reality that they’re all, secretly, from another world, implanted with false memories to keep them safe from harm. But a deadly, otherworldly force has targeted them for death, and their only hope is a dark, mysterious woman sent to Earth as their protector. One by one, she must awaken The Stranded’s true selves – along with their powerful, unique psychic and physical abilities.

Written by Mike Carey (Untouchable, Voodoo Child, Lucifer)and illustrated by Siddharth Kotian (Ramayan, A Thousand Arts).


“If you’re into sci-fi, suspense, action, drama, or just good comics you will enjoy this bookm. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.” 
– Comic Related

“A comic that could go head-to-head with Heroes, Angel…any super-powered sci-fi show out there.” 
– Anime Sentinel

“Aliens…talking rats…killer robots…it’s all part of The Stranded and despite my attempts to summarize the plot without giving too much of it away, trust me what I say it’s not as crazy or as light as it may sound. This is Mike Carey, after all and there’s a dark undercurrent to the story.” 
– Newsarama